“I’m SO Not Trying”



Hey there fierce faces! Today I’m going to give you my personal tips to look fierce…without looking like you’re trying to look fierce. Sometimes you just want to look ‘natural’. And by ‘natural’, I mean flawless but not too done up.


Here are my top tips to looking ‘natural’ but not au natural:
1.) Use a BB Cream primer. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Savy is just jumping on the BB Cream train.” And you might be right. I tried one from Rimmel and I liked it. Then I tried one from Garnier…and I liked it more. So I’ve decided that these things are ok. I haven’t tried any high end ones but I’m pretty sure that they would be even better. As one girl at Sephora explained it: Tinted Moisturizers as purely cosmetic, BB Creams are cosmetic and skin care. I also like the BB Cream because I’ve never been able to find a makeup primer that I like. The BB Cream will even out your skin tone some and keep you moisturized and looking healthy throughout the day.
2.) Apply your foundation with a Beauty Blender (or other similar sponge). Mine are actually from Groupon and they work just fine. These neat little sponges make your makeup look like it was airbrushed on. You wet these little suckers and then apply your makeup. This also helps thin out particularly thicker foundations so you don’t look cakey over the BB cream. (Something you absolutely DON’T want when you are trying to look like you’re not trying!)
3.) Cover those dark circles! Everyone has some sort of discoloration around the eye area. I don’t care who you are. This is the most important part to looking fresh and awake. I’ve been using my undereye concealer with a tone correcting powder to set it. Ta-Da! Insta-Fresh! **Bonus Savy Tip: Make sure to use a concealer under your eyes that is meant for under the eyes. This is probably the most sensitive part of your face so you want to use products that are meant for that area**
4.) Use a nude pencil to line your bottom water line. This will get rid of that red ring around your eyes and open those puppies right up!
5.) Contour your face. Contouring can be scary for people who haven’t done it but all it takes is practice. The biggest thing to remember is to blend, blend, blend. You don’t want to look like you have tiger stripes on your face. Make sure the bronzer you are using is MATTE. That’s probably the second most important thing to remember.
6.) Fill in those brows. If you’re like me, your brows are a hot mess. They are sparce and the ones I do have need taming! It’s amazing what just filling in and setting your brows can do to your face; even if that’s the only thing you do.

Those are the major tips I have. Other than that, I sweep a shimmer nude shade across my lids (I generally like a cream shadow), some natural looking blush, coat my top and bottom lashes with a brown mascara and just apply some lip balm and BAM! I’m SO not trying. But I still look fierce. Duh!



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