Loving Lately: Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blushes

Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blushes

Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blushes

I wanted to talk to Ya’ll today about a product from the drugstore that I think is seriously great. In January-ish Maybelline came out with a product called the Master Hi-Light Blushes. These are marketed as Hi-Lighting Blushes. As a girl who A) Loves a good glow and B) Has dry skin, I was interested. Plus, the mosaic pattern of the blushes is pretty…and I’m a sucker for anything pretty. If you look closely, there is no actual glitter in the blush so it’s not going to make you ‘sparkle’ but instead, gives you a very pretty ‘glow’. Obviously, not every one is a fan of the more shimmery blushes. If you have more problematic skin, mature skin or oily skin, these blushes won’t flatter you. Normal and especially dry skinned gals, you need to try you some! I think these will be great when the weather in Texas gets hot and I don’t feel like putting on a whole lot of products. If I’m wearing one of these, I skip the highlighter and bronzer and just stick to the beautiful glow that these provide.

In the line there are 4 ‘blush’ colors and two ‘bronze’ colors. They also came out with a limited edition Natural shade for their Spring Nude collection. The blushes come with a mirror and small brush hidden in a compartment under the product. At about $9.99 a piece, shop for deals at the drugstore and try you one for cheap!

Here are the colors I have:

Clockwise from Top Left: Pink Rose, Natural (LE), Nude, Mauve

Clockwise from Top Left: Pink Rose, Natural (LE), Nude, Mauve

I tried REAL hard to get a good swatch photo but this is the best that I could do….

Natural, Mauve, Nude, Pink Rose

Natural, Mauve, Nude, Pink Rose

These blushes get the Savy Seal of Approval! Try you some, Girl!!

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