Savy, Where you at?!

Hello there Ladies! (And Gents, I don’t discriminate!) I’ve been lacking on the posts lately and I apologize. August has been kind of bananas with my Birthday, work stuff and various trips so I haven’t been able to get a good solid blog together in a hot second. But never fear, with all of the things happening lately, we have a LOT to catch up on!

I blogged a quick photo of the look I wore on my birthday which featured The Original Sleek Makeup iDivine Palette and my Temptu airbrush makeup. Both are products that I would like to do an in depth review on. I’ve had the Temptu for a few years now and completely love it and Sleek Makeup is a newly discovered brand that has impressed me immensely.

When we returned from Vegas I had two subscription services waiting for me! My Summer QVC New Beauty Test Tube and my Ipsy August Glam Bag. Truth be told, I haven’t had a chance to try out anything in either of them yet. Once I get a chance to try out a decent amount of the products from each, I’ll give you guys a review. I will say that the actual Ipsy Bag this month was adorable!

With a Birthday, comes gifts. And with me, it’s usually gifts in the form of makeup store gift cards. I have gotten a TON of new products that I’m excited to try and tell you all about. In Vegas I hit up the Inglot store and got some more of their amazing product. All of their products have been nothing less than impressive! With gift cards, I managed to acquire three new palettes: The Too-Faced Loves Sephora, Too-Faced Pretty Rebel, and (the last person on earth to get it) The Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay. Keep your eyes out for upcoming looks using those gems!

This past weekend I did 2 Savy Seminars with two lovely lady friends. We had a great time talking makeup, drinking wine, and shopping at Ulta and CVS. Everyone had a blast as I pushed them out of their usual color comfort zone. I love passing on the love and knowledge of makeup to others. A Client loving their finished look is such a great feeling! Book your Savy Seminar and we can have fun together too! 😉

Lastly, I have a back log of looks to share with you all and look forward to getting back in to the blog groove! If there are any products I’ve mentioned that you would like me to review or do certain looks with, please let me know!

Keep Being Fierce

Recovering Makeup Snob

I have a confession to make.  I am a recovering makeup snob.  I used to think that the only place to get good quality makeup was at a department store…and pay an arm and a leg for it.  My Mom always used high end cosmetics so I just accepted that as the norm. The first makeup I remember was Color Me Beautiful. Remember that? I think I’m a Summer.  My stepdad used to give my sister and I $500 gift cards to Macy’s for Christmas when we were younger. It was always an epic shop-a-thon. I used mine my Sophomore year in High School to start my makeup collection at the Clinique counter like my Mom suggested. I used Clinique throughout High School and into College. Once I got to College, I would occassionaly pick up something from the drugstore (hello! College. Broke!) but it never seemed to work out right. I’d just scrape together the money to get more Clinique.  I guess I wasn’t trying the right things.  Then my sister introduced me to MAC and I overhauled everything in my collection to MAC products.  After a few years, I discovered Benefit and wore nothing but that for a while.  However, since getting into the makeup blogging world, it has opened my eyes to some great products at the drug store.  Now, I have no loyalty.  My go to products now consist of some of my old, high end favorites and new drugstore discoveries.  Moral of the story:  go try out some products at the drugstore.  No shame in that game! You never know what you might find and there are some really great things out there. Trust!

Things from the Drugstore that I’m loving right now:
Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Pallets
Revlon Smokey Shadow Sticks
Rimmel ScandalEyes Eye Pencils
Loreal Carbon Black Liner Intense Felt Tip Pen
Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circles

Why I’m Here

Hey Ya’ll! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Savannah and I’m a freelance makeup artist in the DFW Metroplex….among other things! Check out my Who is Savy? page to get the lowdown on me in full. I had thought of doing a makeup blog a while back but then I had to get married and stuff so all ‘hobbies’ got put on the back burner. Even my actual makeup looks and application took a dive because I was so busy/stressed to worry about it (or care). In short: I looked like a hot, stressed out mess for at least 2 months before my wedding. **But TRUST I looked FIERCE on my wedding day, DUH!**



Now that that is over, I have started watching some YouTube Beauty channels and reading some beauty blogs. Some girls I love, some I annoyed me, but one thing is for sure: I’m totally just as if not more fierce than a lot of them! I seriously just love makeup. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, it’s a way for me to use my artistic side. I enjoy the feeling of making people and myself look pretty. My blog is just going to be a fun place for me to share with you my love of makeup. Everything will be from my point of view and in my humble opinion. I hope that you guys are going to enjoy reading about my tips, tricks, products I like and don’t like, makeup looks, and whatever else I decide to share with you lovely people. Let’s have fun and get Fierce!