Colors of the Rainbow Tag

So there is a video going around YouTube where all the Beauty Girls list their favorite beauty items in all the colors of the Rainbow. Well, why should I miss out on the fun just because I don’t have a YouTube Channel!? I thought it would be a fun little challenge, so here it goes!



Red – MAC Red Lipstick
This was a no brainer. I had to choose a red lipstick and MAC Red is a long time favorite of mine. It’s the perfect cool toned red.


Orange – Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
This brush has seriously changed the way I apply foundation. Seriously. The bristles are so soft and densely packed that it gives you the most amazing airbrushed look. I promise. It’s only $9.99 and you won’t regret it.


Yellow – Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
This has been my favorite moisturizer since the beginning of my makeup career. My skin used to be super duper dry and this always got the job done. Recently my skin has turned into more normal/combination and I don’t use it everyday but I still keep a bottle on hand for the days that I need a little more moisture.


Green – Simple Makeup Wipes
If you haven’t heard of the Simple line, get thee to a drugstore and check it out. All of their products are just like the name suggests. Simple. They contain no junk fillers and fragrances and are perfect for sensitive skin. I’ve used a lot of makeup wipes in my days and they are the ONLY ones that don’t irritate my eyes even a little bit.


Blue – Essie Polish in Avenue Maintain
Because of my primary job, I don’t always get to wear nailpolish but when I do, I’m always drawn to blue. This Essie polish is the prettiest, creamy blue and I just adore it.


Indigo – BH Hollywood Palette
This palette is my new obsession. I’m putting it in the Indigo category because the packaging is indigo and it contains a couple indigo eyeshadows. BH Cosmetics released 3 palettes based on California cities and the Hollywood one quickly became my favorite for it’s bright, fun colors. (I’m actually thinking of doing a series like ‘Nude Week’ where I feature a different look from the palette every day.)


Violet – ALL the Violet Eyeshadows
Violet or Purple is my favorite color to wear on the eyes so I knew my choice for violet was going to be an eyeshadow but I simply could not pick just one. Maybe Satellite Dreams by MAC but I don’t want to make all my other purples jealous.

So a random little post but fun nonetheless! You guys try to pick your favorite beauty items in all the colors of the Rainbow. It’s fun and a little more challenging than I thought it would be!

***And YAY for the internet being fixed!!!***

My Fair Skin

So since I talk so much about what I put on my skin, I’d thought I’d talk a bit about the canvas itself. I do this so you guys will know a little about my skin type/skin tone so when I talk about products that work (or don’t work) you can maybe tell if they would work on you too based on how your skin is compared to mine.
This….drumroll please….is me with nothing on my skin.



Yeah, congratulations. Oh who am I kidding, I regularly go out in public like this! Running errands, the gym, sometimes even to lunch or whatever on the weekends. If I’m not going anywhere or just having an errand day, it is not unlikely for makeup to never touch my face. I have even been known to go to work without makeup! GASP! (It’s ok…I work in a sausage factory) I have been getting into the jive of doing my face everyday just because I want to try out new looks and products for you, my fine readers.

Anyway, I am naturally pretty darn pale. I usually have to get, if not the lightest, the second lightest foundation shade. I have pretty neutral undertones, with a slight hint of pink. I blush easily and will burn but then tan in the sun. Sometimes Mother Nature is good to me and I’ll just tan but that is a rare occassion. I have to say that I have been blessed as far as the texture of my skin goes. I have pretty small pores and have never had a problem with acne or breaking out. Of course I get zits but nothing a little spot blemish cream doesn’t take care of in a couple days. I don’t have oil problems, but actually tend to be quite dry. I’ve been using Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion for as long as I can remember! (If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!) I do have the typical white girl problem of dark circles and super pigmented eyelids. If I’m doing a sheer eye color, I usually have to use some sort of primer/concealer to neutralize the color of my lids and the inner corners. I always have red under my nose because for some strange reason when I do my makeup, my nose runs. Actually, my nose runs at everything so it’s my forever battle for a non-chapped nose. I’ve started getting lines under my eyes (from what I like to think is laughing too much!) and I’ve been on the very tedious search for a liner that will not creep down into said lines! (Any recommendations?) Like the ever fabulous Dolly Parton said in Steel Magnolias: “Time marches on, and pretty soon you realize, it’s marching across your face.”

So yeah. There it is. Cyberland now knows everything there is to know about my skin. So if I say that something may not work for me, it may work for you if you have different skin or vice versa. Makeup is something that can be a treasure to one and trash to another. I hope this will help you guys down the road if you choose to try something I’ve mentioned here for yourselves.

Now go Be Fierce!

Recovering Makeup Snob

I have a confession to make.  I am a recovering makeup snob.  I used to think that the only place to get good quality makeup was at a department store…and pay an arm and a leg for it.  My Mom always used high end cosmetics so I just accepted that as the norm. The first makeup I remember was Color Me Beautiful. Remember that? I think I’m a Summer.  My stepdad used to give my sister and I $500 gift cards to Macy’s for Christmas when we were younger. It was always an epic shop-a-thon. I used mine my Sophomore year in High School to start my makeup collection at the Clinique counter like my Mom suggested. I used Clinique throughout High School and into College. Once I got to College, I would occassionaly pick up something from the drugstore (hello! College. Broke!) but it never seemed to work out right. I’d just scrape together the money to get more Clinique.  I guess I wasn’t trying the right things.  Then my sister introduced me to MAC and I overhauled everything in my collection to MAC products.  After a few years, I discovered Benefit and wore nothing but that for a while.  However, since getting into the makeup blogging world, it has opened my eyes to some great products at the drug store.  Now, I have no loyalty.  My go to products now consist of some of my old, high end favorites and new drugstore discoveries.  Moral of the story:  go try out some products at the drugstore.  No shame in that game! You never know what you might find and there are some really great things out there. Trust!

Things from the Drugstore that I’m loving right now:
Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Pallets
Revlon Smokey Shadow Sticks
Rimmel ScandalEyes Eye Pencils
Loreal Carbon Black Liner Intense Felt Tip Pen
Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circles