Loving Lately: Pixi Soft Focus Fresh

Pixi Soft Focus Fresh Palette

Pixi Soft Focus Fresh Palette

Every time I’m in Target I’m always drawn to the Pixi section with it’s pretty green and pink packaging and fairy motif. But then I look at the price tags….and I walk away. Enter Hautelook.com. HauteLook is a website that sells higher end makeup, shoes, clothes, housewares, etc. in flash sales. I’ve gotten some excellent deals. When they had a Pixi event I decided to pick up the Soft Focus Fresh Palette for $9. From $34. (Like I said, DEALS!) I’m really glad I purchased it because I’ve been obsessed with the palette ever since it came in.
Pixi Goodness

Pixi Goodness

What’s Included:
12 Neutral Colored Eyeshadows – Most have a shimmer but there are 3 that are completely Matte
6 Blush and Highlight Colors
4 Lip Glosses

What I Love:
The eyeshadows are actually very good quality. There is a great range of light to dark shades so that you can create everything from an everyday easy look to a nice neutral smokey eye. I feel like the shimmer in the shadows is somehow different from other shadows. I don’t know how to explain it but the shimmers give off a more dewy look than other shimmers….if that makes any sense.
The face products are my favorite part of the palette. The blushes and highlighters are fabulous. All but one have a subtle shimmer to them that gives off the most beautiful ethereal glow on the skin. They really do make your face look ‘fresh’.

What I don’t Love:
The palette overall is great but there are a couple of flaws, in my opinion. Number one is the size. This thing is a honker! I mean, you could have dinner on it! It’s about 8×8 inches which doesn’t make it great for travel and storage. The next con is a personal problem. I just don’t like lip products in palettes with powder products. Unless they have some sort of cover over the lip products, powder will inevitably get into the lip glosses, making them gross. And that’s annoying. Also, while I like the glosses and colors, they don’t seem to last too long on my lips and since I’m not taking the huge palette with me, I have to carry a different lip product to reapply on the go.

Overall, I really love the product and will definitely check out some more things by the Pixi line. Would I pay the full $34 price tag for it? Maybe….but I’m leaning towards yes. The quality is there, for sure and despite the little problems I have with it, I’m getting tons of use out of it. Have you tried the Pixi line? Thoughts? Product Recommendations?

Also, You should join HauteLook. (It’s FREE!) Seriously Awesome Deals!

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